New Vocational Courses for ICT

New Vocational Courses for ICT

Some of our pupils have already taken and passed general ICT qualifications, and have now chosen to move onto vocational courses, that can make a big difference in their future training and jobs choices.

Vocational courses on offer are bespoke to the pupil’s needs for their training or career path post 16 e.g. Food Safety and Hygiene Level 1, Fire Safety, electrical safety awareness, manual handling and COSHH.

The range of possible certificates can be seen here:

Year 11 pupils have engaged really well with these courses and some have already completed several units of work and will be ready to sit the exams in the near future.

Another new course on offer at Key Stage 4 is the LiBF (London Institute of Business and Finance) LiFE course - The qualification is separated into a Level 1 Award on completion of unit 1 and then working towards a Level 2 Certificate.  Their account lasts for 2 years so that they may continue and complete the qualification after leaving MAA.

The LiFE course takes pupils through everything that is useful to know about: sources of money, income, earnings, tax, pensions, saving, borrowing and investing money. All the things we wish we had been taught at school!