PSHE Drop Down Day Crime & Punishment

PSHE Drop Down Day Crime & Punishment

On Monday  9th November Mary Astell Academy welcomed; Prison Me No way, David Burn– Besafe and Samantha’s legacy for our “Crime & Punishment” drop down day. Which involved all of Key stage 3, Key stag 4 and Keystone.

The students were given topics about “Prison Life” with a replica cell van, showing them the true extent of what life is like in this setting. The students were excellent in this session and were shocked at the small living arrangements and how different their life would be!

They also had sessions on Knife Crime and the dangers of carrying a knife, the punishment for carrying a knife and the rising crime rates around the country which is greatly affected by students in the 12-30 year old age bracket. Linked to this they had an excellent session by Samantha’s legacy , ran by a parent and sister of a person who was sadly stabbed and killed in Newcastle 10 years ago. They relived their story and the impact that has had on their life and how they try to reach out to students who are at risk and share their story and guide the students onto the right path.

They also had David Burn who talked about County lines and how students  can be targeted for county lines and the risk this carries with youngsters and how this can be a very serious crime. David signalled the students out saying “their behaviour was fantastic, the students loved the session and the effort they put in was outstanding”.

In the afternoon they had a session with “Manny”, who is an ex-convicted prisoner who works for the charity and turned him life around. Manny related to the students as he was in a PRU and got into gangs at a very young age and told the students about how one mistake can change your life. The students were great in this session and gave Manny the upmost respect.

Finally, Prison Me No Way commented on how good the students were and over the last 3 years of working with us, how the behaviour and enthusiasm of the students have greatly improved.