Prison Me No Way

Prison Me No Way

On Friday 11th October pupils welcomed Prison Me No Way to our school to talk about Knife Crime, Prison Life and have a special guest appearance from an ex-prisoner. We were able to learn from ex–prison guards what the reality of being in prison is.  We also gained an insight into what the first 24 hours in prison is like, which included a prison van and cell. The pupils were hooked from the minute all of the staff came in and gave an excellent account of themselves.

The pupils then learned about the current epidemic in the UK – knife crime.The pupils discussed the issues and impact of knives and how carrying them can lead to a dangerous path in life. 

Later, an ex-prisoner visited and you could have heard a pin drop. We heard about his story and how getting into gangs changed his life and he ended up serving a 10 year sentence for a mistake he made in his early 20s. The pupils were blown away by his story and asked a lot of excellent questions about his life and they realised the impact going to prison had on his life.

One pupil said “I have really enjoyed today, meeting all the staff has been great. I have learnt so much about knife crime and Prison. It has given me a wake up call”.

Neil from PMNW said ”The students were excellent, fully engaged and very respectful to all our staff” “